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    Northern Rivers Sportfishing

    Join us on a kayak bass fishing charter on the Tweed River or Clarrie Hall Dam, less than 1 hours drive from the Gold Coast.

    Navigate your own Native Watercraft for the day! The Slayer Propel 10 kayaks can be pedal driven in both forwards and reverse. This allows for ultimate maneuverability and leaves the hands free to concentrate on the fishing. Each kayak is also decked out with the latest in fish finding technology by Lowrance. The unique capabilities of these kayaks makes them the ultimate fishing machines for these waters.

    • Guided full day trips
    • All tackle provided
    • Lure and fly fishing
    • Delicious lunch provided
    • Courtesy pick up and drop off at accommodation.


    What to bring: Wear clothing suitable to the weather predicted on the day. Wear sun protective clothing such as long sleeves, a hat and sunscreen.
    Pick up from accommodation may be available

    What is included: Tackle, rods, reels, lunch, water.

    Northern Rivers Sportfishing


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    PO Box 93 Federal NSW 2480

    Departure Location

    Gold Coast

    Blue Mountains Full Day Fishing Expeditions

    You’ll be visiting a location where the fish see few humans so make sure you are prepared for the remoteness of the location. The adventure start with a steep and sometimes challenging walk into a river gorge. This typically takes about an hour and a half. Once on the river we’ll fish the major pools and small cascades along the river. The stream is narrow in places making for challenging casting at times. The walk out is normally via the same route as the walk in.

    Wild trout are found in large numbers along the river gorges in the Blue Mountains wilderness. Your guide will show you the techniques that suit the area and conditions.

    Participants must have very good fitness and be comfortable walking over very steep and rough terrain.


    What to bring: What to bring: Below is a list of the items you should bring along on the day of your tour.

    – any personal medication you require
    – Suitable clothing as outlined below

    Please come dressed in layers of clothing as it maybe a cold start to the day. You may want to remove layers as the day warms up. We recommend you come dressed in

    – a long sleeve shirt or t-shirt

    – jumper or fleece

    – rain jacket

    – long pants over a pair of shorts

    – sun hat and sunglasses (polarise glasses)

    – warm woolen socks

    – comfortable enclosed shoes that are suitable for hiking or running.

    Do not bring items that are fragile or clothing that is bright if you can avoid it. Bright/light colours will make it easier for the fish to see you. Trout are very easy to spook. Please avoid cotton clothing as it performs poorly when wet.

    Our clients often bring along cameras. We highly recommend bring equipment that is waterproof and fairly light weight.

    If you don’t own the items listed please let us know and we’ll do our best to arrange them for you. Please don’t bring anything you don’t want getting wet or dirty.

    Meeting/Finish Point: We’ll meet at Blackheath Railway Station commuter car park.
    To get here: You can take a train dirrectly from Sydney Central Station.
    You can also drive.
    Driving directions.
    1) follow the Great Western Highway to Blackheath.
    2) Turn off at the traffic lights at Blackheath village shops and cross the level crossing.
    3) Immediately turn right onto Station Street.
    4) 100m along station street you’ll find a small car park on the right next to the station. This is the meeting point.
    Here is a link to a google map if you need more detailed directions https://goo.gl/maps/psXKq

    What is included: We’ll provide you with everything you’ll need for a fun adventure.
    We provide the following items and more. You can bring your own if you want, but you don’t need to.

    – Food and drink (please let us know if you have any allergies or specific dietary needs)

    – All fishing tackle/ equipment including waders (sometimes we don’t use waders as wading may not be necessary or it may not be appropriate on hot days).

    – All group emergency and communications equipment (remote area first aid kit, satphone or emergency locator beacon etc).

    – Backpack for your personal belongings and equipment

    – We also pay all licenses and land manager frees

    Blue Mountains Full Day Fishing Expeditions


    Contact Email

    [javascript protected email address]

    Contact Number


    Contact Address

    44 Montgomery Street Mount Victoria NSW 2786

    Departure Location

    Blue Mountains National Park