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  • Coffin Bay Fishing Charter


    Vessel: HOT SPOT TOO

    Minimum Passengers: 4 persons

    Maximum Passengers: 12 persons

    Available Species: Red Snappers (Nannygai), Blue Morwong (Queen Snapper), Australian Salmon, Australian Herring (Tommy Ruff), Flathead, Silver Trevally, Garfish, Samson Fish, Kingfish and Southern Bluefin Tuna

    Inclusions: Breakfast, Lunch, Bait and Tackle, Rods, Reels and Drinks

    *Lunch is usually chicken and salad or barbeque chops or sausages and salads, or depending on conditions.

    Types Of Fishing Tours Offered:

    Full Day Tuna Fishing Charter:

    Minimum passengers: 4

    Maximum passengers: 12

    Inclusions: Tea, Coffee, Biscuits, Cereal/Toast Breakfast, Snack and Soft Drinks.

    Target Species: Snapper, Nannygai, kingfish and Samson.

    Full Day Reef Fishing Charter:

    Minimum Passengers: 4

    Maximum Passengers: 12

    Inclusions: Cereal/ Toast Breakfast, Lunch, Biscuits, Snacks, Tea, Coffee And Soft Drinks

    Target Species: Red Snappers, King George Whiting, Flathead, Salmon, Snapper, Garfish, Tommy Ruff, and Trevally.

    Ocean Eco-Sightseeing Cruise:

    Minimum Passengers: 4

    Maximum Passengers: 12

    Inclusions: Light Breakfast , Afternoon Tea And Lunch

    Species you can see: Humpback Whales, Sea Birds, Dolphins, Sea Lions and Seals

    King George Whiting Fishing Trip:

    Minimum Passengers: 4

    Maximum Passengers: 12

    Inclusions: Coffee, Tea, Light Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks And Soft Drinks

    Trip Destination: Point Sir Isaac Areas and King George Whiting Farm Beach

    Extended Long -Range Overnight Charter:

    Maximum Passenger: 4

    Inclusions: Meals With Wine, Soft Drinks And Beer

    Target Species: Tuna, Snappers, Nannygai, Kingfish And Samson

    Trip Duration: 2 Days to 3 Days Trip

    Trip Destinations: Greenly and Rocky Islands or Little Rocky, Krause Rock, Point Drummond and Halls Bay (for overnight experience)

    Company Information

    Coffin Bay town is located 46 km west of the Port Lincoln lying on one of the most estuaries in Australia.

    Coffin Bay Fishing Charter was established in the year 2000 and had been featured in different television programs such as “Out of the Blue”, “Postcards” and “The Great Outdoors”.

    Glenn Boucher, our professional, experienced and full of knowledge skipper will accompany you on your tour. In 1968, he caught his first snapper at the young age of 13. He also became a member of SA state surfing Team in the year 1975. Glenn, being a keen surfer he has frequented all the areas of the west coast fishing and surfing. In 1991 he became successful on his career in medical photography. And in the year 2000, he started Coffin Bay Fishing Charter with a 6 meter boat. He has skippered his boat for over 30,000 nautical miles in the Coffin Bay. And Amy Chesser, the deckhand of the boat, is a local born girl who worked on the boat was purchased in the year 2009. Every winter she travels to north in order to work on some charter boats in Darwin. She loves diving, wake-boarding and surfing. Amy has a lot of extensive collection of marine artifacts. With the help of these two people, you will surely have the best vacation you ever had in your life.

    For our customer trips, HOT SPOT TOO, a 38 foot Randell Series 2 boat is used to carry their customers on their respective trips. It has the capability of carrying up to 12 passengers and berthed for overnight trips. Powered by a rebuilt Volvo Penta 450hp turbo diesel and have the range of 250n.m and a top speed of 17 knots.

    Inside the boat, there are searchlight sonar, auto-pilot, DVD, seascan, underwater and deck cameras, satellite compass, 64 mile colour radar, galley, hot water system, 240 volt genset, and shower. To keep your caught fish, there are freezers and 2 fridges with 500 liters capacity. Esky is there to help making your drinks cold and handy.


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    Coffin Bay Fishing Charter

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