Day 4: Talofa – Samoan for the Aussie GDay

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  • Day 4: Talofa – Samoan for the Aussie GDay

    Talofa (Samoan for the Aussie G’Day),

    As I write this I’ve peddled (no wind again today) 25 nautical miles in search of a fish, and as I’ve done that 9 hours straight I’ll give you all a quick summary form.

    Caught a 4.63kg Spanish Mackerel this morning. It bent the Hobie rod holder flat but I had the reel in a safety strap so it was fine. Put up a great fight, put me to the test, and caught the lot on head cam to be included in the final wrap up.

    Chased some birds after that and started casting at a decent lot of Tuna, with one great follow and a decent strike but no hook up.

    Had 6 dolphins swimming across the bow which was absolutely sensational, particularly as I’d just weathered 2 hours of storm and couldn’t see land for that time coupled with a 2 meter swell.

    Two lost fish, unfortunately there was little wind again today which meant I had to rely on peddle power for most of the day, which is a realistic 3 knots. The slower speed definitely impacts on hook setting for pelagics.

    A long day, 4 more Marlin caught and brought in for the big boys, a few more tagged. Tomorrow is a new day, and the final day of the tournament.

    There is lots of interest in the kayak, and when I tell people I troll the 1000 foot drop off in the Pacific Ocean I get some pretty strange looks, and that’s fine by me. I love this adventure, even if my hands now look like those if a 95 year old…


    Cheers for now.

    The ofFISHal Angler