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  • Day 5 – Dropped a fish

    After covering so many sea miles yesterday, today was pretty tough (sore hands, legs and back) and the lack of wind didn’t help. I headed out to troll behind the reef and later in the morning managed to pick up a slight breeze.

    After hitting the same Rapala lure (as caught the Spanish Mack yesterday) quite hard, I managed to land a beautiful coral trout. Although not a scoring fish for the competition, it was perfect for dinner, or at least it would have been had I not dropped it overboard along with the lip grips attached. That’s fishing I guess…

    Tomorrow is presentation day after which I’ll post a wrap up if the entire competition, including photos of the winning team. Following that will be a compilation of 4 days head can footage.

    Cheers for now.

    The ofFISHal Angler