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    Want to have an unforgettable fishing trip? You have come to the right place! Whether you are an experienced or an amateur in fishing, whether you want to enjoy the fishing experience individually or wish to share the fun with a group of friends, Equinox Fishing Charters will satisfy all your needs.

    Located at the coastline considered to be the best destination for fishing in Northern Australia, well definitely give you the best fishing tour ever. With many years of experience combined with passion for fishing, we are truly the expert when it comes to choosing the best location!

    Based on the request of the customer, we provide half day tour, day tour and extended tour.

    Half day tour

    Our half day tour last for 5 hours with two options in terms of time: 7am – 12pm or 12.30pm – 5.30pm. Located up to 20kms away from Darwin, youll be taken to some of the best location for fishing.

    During these 5 amazing hours, we will provide you tea, chilled soft drinks and water, as well as Penn & Wilson fishing rods with Tekota 700, Penn 320 and Shimano TLD 20 & TLD 25 reels, bait and ice.

    Day tour

    Our day tour leaves at 7am from Cullen Bay Lock, and will return you at 5pm. In our day tour, you will get to travel up to 50 km away from Darwin and stop at many great reefs and wrecks throughout the day including:

    • Bass Reef
    • Charles Point
    • Fish Reef
    • Lorna Shoals
    • Middle Reef

    To make your day even better, we provide you tea, cheese and fruit platter, a smorgabord lucnh chilled soft drinks and water, as well as Penn & Wilson fishing rods with Tekota 700, Penn 320 and Shimano TLD 20 & TLD 25 reels, bait and ice.

    Extended tour

    Still not satisfy with the half day or day tour? Our extended tours will surely meet up with your demand. We currently provide two types of extended tours: extended days and extended trips. Youll be provided fishing mariner rods with Shimano Tekota & Penn reels bait and ice, all are supplied on a replacement if lost or damaged.

    The extended day lasts for 15 hours from 6am to 9pm the same day. Throughout the day, we will provide you breakfast, tea in the morning and afternoon, a smorgasbord lunch and a BBQ dinner, a long with cold soft drinks and ice cold water.

    The extended trip lasts for 22 hours from 6am until 4pm the following day with snacks, breakfast, BBQ dinner, smorgasbord lunch, tea and cold soft drinks and ice cold water.

    Given the seasonal and tidal conditions, the extended tour covers the following fishing locations:

    • Bathurst Island
    • Melville Island
    • Perron Island

    Minimum and maximum number of people for each tour type:

    For half day tours and day tours, we can carry out the tour for minimum 1 person and maximum 20 people. For extended tours (both extended day and extended trip), the minimum number of people is 12 and the maximum is 16.

    What you should bring:

    Since we will provide you almost everything needed for a wonderful fishing day, there are just some small personal things you can bring to make it even better such as camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, alcohol (mid and light beer). You should also wear a hat and long-sleeved cotton shirt. Theres no need to bring a glass if you want to take you beer with you into the boat, well have it there for you! For extended tour, you can bring some extra things like fly tackle, personal belongings (medicine, towels.)


    Price: N/A

    Maximum Passengers: 20

    Minimum Passengers: 1

    Departure Time: 7am (for half day and day tour) and 6am (for extended day).

    Departure Point: Cullen Bay Lock

    Return Time: 5 pm (for half day and day tour) and 9 pm (for extended day) and 4 pm (for extended trip).

    Company Information

    We currently use two vessels: Tsar and Equinox II. These two boats are the perfect choices when it comes to the fishing boats for both individual and group. With up-to-date electronics, it will complete your great fishing day out there in the blue water!

    Tsar is a Stebecraft boat with the length of 11,5m (37 foot). It was licensed to carry maximum 12 people with a crew of 2. This boat is an ideal choice for a great day out on the water to hunt the fish of a lifetime. Its equipped with a large fishing desk and a canopy. Its speed is about 21 knots.

    Equinox II is a 17m (55 foot) aluminum Millman Maxivision fishing vessel which can carry 18-20 people on board. Its pefect for group fishing with comfortable seating and large fishing deck. Moreover, you can even carry out a presentation or meeting in Equinox II thanks to large tables and seating. Wheel chair access is also available. It holds the speed of 19-20 knots.


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