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    MV Signa Charters – Kiama NSW


    Fishing & Boat Charters Kiama, Jervis Bay, Wollongong just 90 minutes south of Sydney is the beautiful harbour of Kiama. Here is where you will find the historic, well appointed 44 foot MV Signa. Full kitchen and bathroom facilities and all the comforts of home.

    We offer 3 different types of fishing charters:

    Reef fishing – Fish five miles out and beyond, fishing in 12mts up to 120mts for Snapper, Mowong, Pig Fish and Flathead. Great for Clubs, a Group or on your own. Price – $110 per person

    Sports – For Sports Fishing, we use “Bait Runner” Reels on 8 ft rods using light line and custom “Black Magic” stand up gimbles and harness. 15 miles out and beyond for surface fish like Dolphin Fish, King Fish and Shark. Price – $POA per person.

    Deep Sea – For Deep Sea 15 miles out and beyond for Blue Eyed Cod, Gem Fish and Harpuk.Price – $POA per person.

    Game – For Game Fishing we use “Tiagra” (Shimano) reels and custom built rods, “Reflex” game chair and outriggers for a five lure spread. 30 miles out and beyond for Marlin and Yellow Fin Tuna. Depart 6.00am Return 6.00pm. Minimum 4 people and Maximum 6 people.Fully Catered. Price – $POA per person.

    We also do Sunset, Pleasure, Overnight, Corporate Days and the Sea Cliff Bridge.

    Reef Fishing Price: $120

    Maximum Passengers: 13

    Minimum Passengers: 6

    Departure Time: 6am (all trips)

    Departure Point: Kiama Harbour.

    Return Time: 1.30pm (Reef,Sports), 4pm (Deep Sea), 6pm (Game)

    Inclusions: Prices include all fishing gear, bait, licenses and a Sausage Sandwich or Bacon & Egg Roll and basic drinks.

    MV Signa photo1MV Signa Photo 2

    Company Information

    The M.V.Signa is a purpose built Game Fishing Boat.

    It was built in 1970 by Jack Patton (A life long member of Sydney Game Fishing Club) and was named after his Wife Signa (Sig).

    The boat did two trips to Cairns while Jack owned it and was chartered by such personalities as Lee Marvin.

    He is also credited with the development of the “Sir John Young” Banks off Currarong as a South Coast hot spot where Jack and his good friends, Bob & Dolly Dyer fished many a time.

    “Patons Peak” in Sydney, was discovered and named by Jack as a famous fishing spot, still recognized today. He is also credited for another hot spot known as “Browns Mountain” which he named after his old Deckhand Browny. This spot is renowned for Tuna & Marlin.

    In about 1990, The Doyles (of Doyles Seafood Restaurants) purchased the boat off Jack. Mick & Bill Doyle tell us that it was put into Survey with the Maritime Services Board to conduct fishing charters out of Sydney.

    Then about 1996 she was purchased by Greg (Chief) Guy who bought her down to Kiama and began fishing charters from there. Greg completely refurbished the boat with state of the art electronics and navigation equipment to get you to the right “Spots” again and again, full galley re-fit and comfortable seating.

    Ross O’Brien worked on Signa as a deckhand and master with Greg until his opportunity to purchase this beautiful boat came up in 2005.

    M.V.Signa now has all the comforts of home including shower with 100lts of water, full size toilet, 51cm LCD television complete with surround sound and luxurious leather lounges, microwave. She is 44 feet long and powered by twin Perkins engines. She cruises at a comfortable 10 knots and has a top speed of 17 knots.

    All this combines, to offer a level of comfort not seen in many other Charter Vessels. Our Deckhands are fully qualified to make your day both safe and enjoyable. Full instructions on the use of all our gear are given to help you hook that fish you only read about.

    MV Signa Charters Photo 3MV Signa Charters Photo 4


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    MV Signa Charters - Kiama NSW


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    Contact Address

    Jervis Bay, Wollongong, Sydney

    Departure Location

    -34.6711 150.86

    Seaspray Charters – Portland Victoria

     PHONE: 0407 855 262 for more information

    Sea Spray Charters offers Reef, Game, Sports Fishing and Deep Seafishing with a variety of charter lengths to suit your needs. We are based in Portland on the west coast of Victoria and with our boat and experience we can put you on the fish quickly. On our fishing charters we target the following types: Snapper, whiting, Yellow Tail, Blue Fin, Shark and other Reef and Game fishing species.Our boat can be used for more than just fishing – diving, whale watching, dolphins, seals and corporate and private charters are available as well. You can charter the boat for anything you can think of.Other prices-

    Whale Watching Tours Boat Cost:a b$140.00 per hour 4hr, Dolphin & Seal Tours Boat Cost – $140.00 per hour

    Price Bay/Reef Fishing: ( $150 -5hrs, $200 -8hrs) per person

    Price Deep Sea Fishing: ($170 – 5hrs, $250 -8hrs) per person

    Price Game Fishing: 8-10 hours $1500 – the boat midweek and $1700 on weekends

    Maximum Passengers: 8

    Minimum Passengers: 4

    Departure Time: 7am and 3pm

    Departure Point: Portland Marina

    Return Time: the length of the charter later.  

    Inclusions: All gear is including bait is included. Food and drinks are provided.

    Dont forget: Wet weather gear, Sunglasses and hat, Camera, Sea-sickness tablets etc.

    Company Information

    Boat “Seawolf II” is a our new 30ft custom built Seaquest plate aluminium, and is powered by twin 150HP Yamaha 4-Stroke engines. On board are quality electronics, toilet, excellent fishing tackle, comfortable seating, live bait tank, and experienced skipper & crew.  


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    Seaspray Charters - Portland Victoria


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    Contact Address

    Portland, Victoria, Australia

    Departure Location

    -38.3522 141.611

    Darwins Barra and Crab Fishing Charters

    Darwin Barra and Crab Fishing and Mud Crab Tours offer half day, full day and extended top end fishing adventures in a variety of locations to suit your needs given the temperatures, tides, weather and distances.

    Daly River Barramundi Fishing Tours

    Daly River is a tidal river known for its Barramundi. In this area we big in the township area with live bait casting and travel further out to the river mouth.You can also stay a few days and experience the gorges and hot springs along with all the other ecosystems and increase the chances for a big barra. Location: 5h 20mins return from Darwin. Tours: Day and Extended. Target Species: Barramundi. Accomodation: Daly River Resort.

    Darwin Harbour – Reef and Crab Fishing Tour

    You need to be in the right place at the right time as there are 8m tides. When you get the combination correct you get the chance to get the big blue water species along with “Big Claw” crabs from the mangrove inlets. Tours: Day and Extended Target Species: Barramundi, Jewfish, Golden Snapper, Mangrove Jack, Mackeral, Mud Crab, Threadfin & Blue Salmon.

    Darwin Harbour Mangrove Fishing Tour

    The mangrove inlets are ideal for trolling and lure fishing while the crab pots do their thing. With the huge tides everything changes and there is an opportunity to get Barramundi and Mangrove Jack. Tours: Half Day and Day Target Species: Barramundi, Mud Crab and Mangrove Jack.

    Shady Camp – Barra Run Off Season

    Shady’s Camp is perfect from March to June when the temperature rises and the water recedes to the rivers making the barra hard hitting. For extended tours we can head out past the river mouth and chase the big blue water species such as Jew Fish and Golden Snapper. Remember to book ahead as Shady camp is popular. Location: 4hrs return to Darwin. Tours Available: Day Tours, Extended Tours. Target Species: Barramundi, Golden Snapper, Jewfish, Threadfin & Blue Salmon

    Corroboree Billabong Fishing Trip

    This location is best from May to October as the water is running off the flood plains into the main billabong. The region is busy with all sorts of wildlife from birds to buffallos and of course the famous Barramundi. Corroboree is one of the closest fresh water fishing destinations form Darwin so it is popular with day trippers. Location: 2hrs return to Darwin Tours: Day trips Target Species: Barramundi, Saratoga.

    Price: aa

    Maximum Passengers: TBA

    Minimum Passengers: TBA

    Departure Time: aa

    Departure Point: aa

    Return Time: aa

    Inclusions: Quality rods & reels, aaaa

    Company Information

    Carl Skyring is a local top end guide with 6 years experience. We have a 4.8m vessel which is ideal for taking small groups to the reef, river or those hard to reach places.



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    Darwins Barra and Crab Fishing Charters


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    Contact Address

    Mitchell Street, Darwin, N. Territory, 800, Australia

    Departure Location

    -12.461437 130.837759